Wednesday, January 18, 2012


To clean something with water and soap usually means it needs to be dried. In the case of dishes, the dishwasher's coils heat up the air. In the case of clothes, the air is heated by gas or electricity and the clothes tumble about.

Lately, I've been letting gravity and the ambient air to (nearly) dry my dishes. I like this method. First, no spots or residue. Second, my glasses don't steam up anymore (like they used to when I opened the dishwasher). Third, once they're dry, I put them away.

This also saves energy. Plus, I don't have to worry about fixing a broken dishwasher.

I'm also leaning towards air drying my clothes after 10 minutes in the dryer. My clothes should last longer and energy will be saved too. While I was in Croatia, my clothes were hung to dry and they felt great.

Plus, if I have fewer clothes to wash, this shouldn't be much more effort, just an investment in time.
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