Friday, January 13, 2012


I enjoy grilling steaks, especially in the summer, while sipping a beer. In my plans I just assumes I would take my old propane wheeled grill with me.

But the thought of moving it and how little I use it (few times in winter and weekly in the summer) made it seem like a burden.

So I thought lets go with charcoal. After all it's easier (where I live) to run out in a pinch to refuel vs having to lug a combustible tank around and exchanging it; charcoal is cheaper; and with propane the flame tends to die on me at the worst times.

So after looking online basic charcoal still exceed $100. Too much. How about portables I asked? I usually grill for myself anyway so I looked at portable grills and found one for about $35. Solid reviews and meets my requirements: small, easy to refuel (put charcoal on the Costco list!), and perfect size for grilling for myself.

I'll wait a few weeks to buy it (ship to my new place-one less thing to move) but before summer so prices don't run up with increased demand.
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