Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Gyms. Temples to worship ones body and admire...envy...stare at other bodies. Memberships. Parking. Drive to and from. Crowds. Noise. Sweat. Waiting. Additional time required. All for $35/month.

I'm trying to opt out. I have a few core exercises I do three times a week. Push ups. Pull ups. Dips. Sit ups. Rows. Shrugs. Nearly all can be done without a machine using body weight. other three days is spinning jogging or jumping rope. Nearly all can be done at home.

Will I be the next Ah-nold? Never. Have I seen changes? Yes. Simple? Yes. Free? Yes.

So far a big plus is it's easier to throw on clothes and get to working out in less than five minutes than getting motivated to go to the gym and fighting the crowds and it takes less time...which is what it's all about.

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