Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Why Opt Out?

I'm of the mind that fighting the banks head on and on their own turf is a losing proposition. Let me back up here.

Late summer and through the fall Occupy Wall Street was in the news and a was a figurative finger in the eye of authority. How'd that turn out?

Police raided and shut down the protests. The media effectively painted the protestors as out of work hippies with nothing to do. The media attention ceased. It became hippies vs the cops and the message was diluted.

Why join a movement to show displeasure with the status quo? Why not act on it in a completely legal and moral way? Why not opt out of the consumer culture? Why not cancel cable tv? Why not use cash? Why not stop spending needlessly? Why not put the credit cards down and switch to a credit union?

If more people opted out of the system then we could see real change?
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